Suspension, Steering and Brakes Brake Pads

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    Had my 59 plate 2.0 Petrol Auto in for the speakers changed on warranty and they did a health check and my front brake pads were apparently 90% worn so I said yep fine and got them changed for £105 fixed price, not a bad price and it's my only form of transport, I've got a 306 GTi6 laid up on the drive which I'll tinker with but not this.

    Anyway all good but my car developed a scrapping noise from the back this time. Took it back and the mechanic took a drive with me and suspected something stuck in the rear pads / disc. Turns out there was but also the inside of the pads were just completely shot and need changing. This sound normal at all to you guys?

    The car is only on 21k.

  2. Hi, it will vary with driving conditions and style, but they are consumables that will need replacing every now and again. The scraping at the rear could have been the pad low wear indicator making contact with the brake disc, in which case they definitely needed doing.
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    Hmmmm what was the length of time between the visits to the dealer? They spotted worn front pads but not the rear ones?

    Over the course of 46,000 miles my auto ate a set of front and rear pads.