Engine & Gearbox Brake pads

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    Has anyone used EBC green stuff or similar and what do you think?
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    Green stuff will be rubbish unless its warmed up, so unless you drive extremely agressivily all the time they will not feel good. When they do heat up, they will heat up alot, so you may end up warping your discs.

    Personally I think OEM pads are the best option.

    I've looked at getting Red stuff before but after researching and getting some opinions, in the end decided to go OEM pads.
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    I have green stuff on the front and tbh I didn't noticed any improvment over OEM pads.
  4. Chan Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I've got Yellows on the rear only, but I had Yellow stuff all round on my last Civic and they are immense. As said above, bit crap from cold but once you get over that they are an amazing pad.

    I've recently changed my fronts but didn't get the Yellows, wish I had now... (although the front pads were £100!)
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    Green stuff pads are designed to be good from cold, they're pretty good, I've used greenstuff and redstuff myself on several cars. Redstuff is great on heavier cars - I used it on a BMW 5 series and found it massively better at stopping the car from high speed than the genuine BMW pads that were originally fitted.
    They've got several newer compounds out since I last bought some.
    The greenstuff genuinely don't make much dust compared to normal pads and I found the redstuff fairly clean in comparison too.
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    My brake pads are black if that makes a difference
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    Mine are too, just as honda intended them to be.
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    The green stuff pads have good initial bite from cold. When you start venturing into red stuff and yellow stuff they're designed more for fast road and track use (good for heavier high performance cars) so their initial bite from cold isn't as good until they get up to temperature.

    On a previous car during summer I used to put red stuff pads on the front as in the good weather I could work them hard and get them up to temp. And would get brake fade from the greens during the summer. But in winter because of the cooler outside temp and poor road conditions it made it hard to get the heat in the reds. So I'd put green stuff pads on for their initial cold bite.