Suspension, Steering and Brakes Brake problems

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    morning everyone.

    I had a "friend" change my pads for me on my '06 and now they are very very soft and spongy. I am guessing that I need to bleed the brakes but I am not sure what i need to do this or even how. I knew i should have done the pads myself bt I didn't have and copper grease left and he offered. Not always the best thing to let others near your car!

    Any advice, apart from take it to a garage, would be appreciated.


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    Front or back, saloon or tourer?
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    They will feel soft at first because new pads need to bed in for a bit but bleeding the brakes would be good idea if it hasnt been done for some time. Have a look here it might help you a bit.
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  4. A Vizibleed brake bleeding tube and brake fluid are all you need fella.

    Use a bit of WD40 or penetrating fluid on the bleed screws to get them off, and don't overtighten them afterwards or you can strip the threads.

    If the screw is letting in air a touch of grease around the base will stop that.

    If you can change your own pads the job is well within your capabilities.
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    My reason for asking above because if it's a saloon and the rears, the pistons would have needed a wind back tool.
    If your friend just forced them back, they may have damaged the piston seals.
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    Thanks for all the replies. It is a saloon. and it was the front and rears. I don't know if he forced the pistons back, but evn I know to wind them back. If he did force them are they fixable/repairable or do I need new calipers?