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    I'm in the process of getting my Honda Accord diesel ex (2009) remapped today to 190bhp and wanted to upgrade the brake pads when they are up for renewal in several thousand miles

    I can't afford new discs or caplipers but wanted thoughts on pads.95% of my mileage is on the motorway and would prefer the stopping power related to that. I don't do any trackway driving.


    Upgrade to Stock Pagid Pads,£35

    Blue Pagid which are £120
    Mintex 1144 fast roads for about £110 again.

    Anyones thoughts please and places to buy who would give a good deal.

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    Matt Peterborough
    When you spend most of the time on the motorway there's no point in getting anything which claims to be for 'fast road' or has a 'performance' aspect to them. Simply, the idea is they are designed to cope with higher temperatures from repeated sustained use, something you're not going to do breaking for the odd junction on a motorway. Some of the performance orientated pads do also sacrifice initial bite for higher temperature performance as they're 'operating window' is designed to be higher than standard pads.

    So the simple answer is with your driving style stick to stock, anything else would just be a waste of money.
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    Yes, That's what I was thinking. At least I will save quiet a bit and put the money to a HID conversion.
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    Or start driving A roads instead of motorway and test your 190BHP in a better way :lol:
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    I've got to agree with Doc.
    I bought Ferrodo DS2500 fast road pads (the milder of the 2 Ferrodo 'fast' options) for my Alfa 156 and the initial bite is pretty weak.
    They generally don't operate as well as standard pads during a normal journey at normal temps, but, if you get them up to temp on a good twisty road the grip ramps up and doesn't fade in a hurry.
    I wouldn't buy 'fast' pads for a commute car again.
    Good luck.
    Cheers, Mark.
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    I have a BMW coupe, 305 BHP and 510nm torque, for the weekend and bit of fun. Although the run flats can't seem to cope when pushed.
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    Stock pads and discs are fine and Holdcroft have an offer on at the moment too.:Thumbup:

    I've only ever used heavy braking once on the car and that was when I nearly missed the services to meet Intruder for that meet. The brakes were fine so I've stuck to standard this time.

    I've had the Mintex 1144 on my old Impreza and found them to be a lot better than Green stuff. They didnt need to be warmed up. Im pretty sure my 140bhp Auto Celica had some Blue pagid pads which again were amazing. I never got round to getting the Ferrodos as they were a lot more money.
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    I managed to get superb deal from someone I know in the game and only lives a few miles from my address.

    I did consider Celtic but they just could not compete on price. I was not too enamoured with the way they responded to questions when i phoned.I must have caught them at a busy period, as they normally receive excellent reviews. However, when they are looking to charge 390 I do expect that bit more. Most of the tuners were looking to charge from 300 to 395. I managed to get a tailored map that comfortably beat their prices by a considerable margin.

    He did my last one on my 7th Generation Honda Accord 04 at 100k, and it went onto 220k before the turbo went. Never had to replace a clutch during that time and it never broke down.

    Even though I have a 8th Generation, I still think the interior, particularly the dash, is far better. I miss that car.
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    Just for a benchmark, I've been getting about 800 miles from 63litres diesel before the remap.

    It is too early to complete a full review but will say the increase in performance is noticeable straightaway. A lot more low down torque, which leads to more spirited driving, and less time spent changing down.

    No adverse issues on the clutch, although again early days. I'll be interested to see if the fuel savings claims are genuine, 10percent would be amazing.

    I average 500 -600 miles a week, so will be in a position to advise on any improvements on economy. My ultimate aim is to get to 900 miles on a tank, 60-70mph average speed.
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    do you have the Dyno print out?
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    No, not on this one.
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    yep stock are fine but HID kit is illegal. for road use
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    That is a shame about the HID lights.I wrongly presumed when I bought the car it being standard spec on honda
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    Are we talking about headlights? What's the difference between HID and xenon? The 8th Generation gets xenons as standard apart from the ES and ES GT.
  17. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Xenon refers to the gas used in the bulb. Xenon bulbs can be HID or non HID. You can get Xenon bulbs which are standard 12v bulbs.

    HIDs use a power ballast to create a high voltage and have a discharge lamp in the middle.
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    SpeedyGee, cheers for that.

    I will research into whether they are actually worth it or not.

    Anyone can recommend a decent bulb?
  19. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I know from personal experience the stock bulbs last for a long time but the aftermarket ones are brighter but don't last .

    I used osram night breaker and they lasted 6-8 months.
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    Yes, the night breakers have won an award with autoexpress.