Sponsors Brand of the Week: K-Tuned - 10% Off Everything

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    Discount Code: KTUNED

    K-Tuned has it's roots firmly set in the import racing scene. With over 15 years of experience building and tuning cars, we have laid a solid foundation when it comes to designing quality and innovative products. And with the inception of the K-Tuned brand in 2005, we have taken that combined experience and set out to achieve a clear goal.

    Provide the go-fast oriented Honda and Acura community with high performance, high quality , yet affordable parts with a sleek, clean, well made look and finish. And by doing so, have set several standards in the industry as the original designer of many K-swap parts seen today.

    This week members can get 10% off all K-Tuned products simply use the discount code KTUNED when you checkout.

    Remember, all voucher/coupon codes must be entered during checkout.
  2. H-Tune Performance Parts Trader