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    Power. Speed. Torque. All things that are generally lacking in sport compacts and yet there has been an ongoing cultural revolution that challenges old adages such as 'there is no replacement for displacement'.

    Luckily, for import tuners, we can walk with our heads held high as it has been proven time and time again that there are many ways to skin that pesky proverbial cat. Years ago, I came across an article that said the Integra Type-R could - roughly paraphrased '...if given enough gears, it would surely continue accelerating infinitely'.

    The close gear ratios of the entire Honda Type-R family are the unsung heroes behind the higher compression, bigger cams, lighter weight and even the red valve cover. They are directly responsible for delivering all that wonderful engineering to the tarmac. It was with that particular sound reasoning that we started developing gearing products for Hondas.

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