Brentacre, go **** yourselves

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    Well - I was thinking to myself the other day about buying myself a Cortina MKII.

    It holds a lot of memories for me as a kid as my Grandad had one and I virtually grew up around that car. Being that my parents moved to the UK when I was young I lost out on it and my grandad scrapped it. Was devastated :Frown:  
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    I live in inner city birmingham it is in the top 3 of the whole country for insurance fraud. So all these picks are driving round in nice cars that they've scammed from free insurance jobs and people like me are getting £3000 on a one litre yarris. 
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    Haha. This cracked me up! Sorry for pinging after 2 years. I am 20 myself. I realize I need to pay more. And I have full respect for how the system works. All I got to do is drive responsible and take every discount I can get x)
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