Detailing Bringing a Black Tourer Back to Black

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    My 2004 SE Tourer 2.0 Petrol is solid black, and as expected it not only is a pain to keep clean, it is also a pleasure to see when it is properly clean. This time I'm planning to get that black properly back to black as detailed below but... Your opinion and experience counts, feel welcome to comment:

    1. Turtle Black Box
    2. Ultimate Naviwax Carnauba or alternatively Naviwax Ioncoat for Dark Colours.
    I have heard PTFE products provide really hard shell protection for long periods of time, but I never tried them. At least Carnauba is time tested, though I am not sure if Naviwax is guaranteed high Carnauba content. Users apparently swear by it. :Messed:
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    Naviwax has a Rep in the UK now... NUBAWAX. Funny enough the Ultimate Wax is not available it seems, other than Amazon. It may have been discontinued and replaced by the two newer wax tins for lingh and dark colours. In any case, it is worth checking as they have good reputation and the results are apparently rather good. I haven't tested, so I don't know yet if the product lives up to the reputation or not.
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    Ordered for both paint finishes. Cheers bud
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    Black is such a beautiful, sleek color on a car. But very hard to maintain. That's why i didn't choose that color. Just seems like too much work invested to keep it looking pristine.
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    I have never purchased a black vehicle, and I probably never will. It would drive me nuts being able to see every speck of dirt or dust on it! I mean, you can definitely see things on other color cars, but not as much as a black one!
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    I'm also not a black fan.

    I don't get the obsession with it, most company cars are black. People seem to think it looks 'cool', but its a pain to keep clean, most people that order it never clean a car in their life, you see some spectacular swirly black cars around, make me laugh, also its hot as hell in summer.

    Have you noticed how a lot of drivers of black cars also never put on any lights at dusk or in the rain, they don't understand its even harder to see them in the shadows!

    Its a problem for used buyers like me, as there are too many black cars around...
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    I love my black cars...
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    Are they all your ex-Cars Black-Hawk ? They all look mint. Can see the amount of time put into those.
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    I was a paint sprayer by trade before I retired, and the easiest of colors to match and maintain were the light colors. The worst were black. A superb color when it is new, but it shows every wipe of the cloth, every imperfection, every dent. You pays your money and makes your choice, but black is a bitch to maintain, and as someone mentioned, so hot in Summer, yet superb when its perfect...
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    Yeah, the first two were black by accident, the rest were black by choice :Smile: