Britain's most prolific speed cameras named

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    Those two roads are right next to me and I use them all the time, the Limehouse link tunnel is a great VTEC tunnel :Whistle: I see people getting flashed all the time because there too stupid to spot the speed cameras and the same idiots come right up your arses flashing at you not realising there is a camera at the beginning, middle and end, all the bits in between are fair game. You also get idiots driving at 20mph holding up traffic because there scared of getting a fine. The speed camera is good in my opinion otherwise that tunnel would become a racing ground, couple of lads died in a crash in last 90's (in a Honda Prelude!) speeding upto the tunnel which is one of the reason they brought in the cameras.

    The Tower Bridge camera is a stupid, heck most 20mph ones are, its impossible to drive at that speed consistently, but I can see the reason for it at the bridge as its a crowded place full of tourists who run onto the road.