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    Well its 2am and I might aswel be honest. I broke my keyfob somehow in the club, no idea how, but i managed to get most of it. Yes im a uni student and yes Im drunk, worth 9 grand well i dunno, studying a subject considered strong at a top 15 uni and achieving a first on avg. nonetheless i noticed that the pcb isnt actually cracked. does that mean i can buy a case on ebay for a few pounds and transplant the pcb so i can use it on my car without going to a honda dealer and paying to get it reprogrammed?

    cheers - mods pls msg me in the morning if this is not coherent etc

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    this is the item i wanted to replace the pcb in, i know this forum gets an absolute boner over genuine items but surely a generic made plastic item from china can't be much different from a honda genuine item? is this adequate?
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    You can transplant the pcb no problem. Alternatively you don't need a dealer to program the new key fob to your car. You should be able to do it using a certain combination of ignition key on and off sequences.

    If you did that you could use the new one as your main keyfob and keep the broken one as like a emergency keyfob.
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    Hangover this morning/afternoon? :Whistle:
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    Sounds good, I'm going to go hunting for a key fob from scrapped cars then.
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    I drunk a litre of water before bed so come morning I was a lot better, :cool: