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    Hi All,

    '54 diesel Tourer Exec. The attachment of the nearside tailgate strut to the hinge has broken; it broke when swmbo was using the motorised tailgate closing. :Frown:

    I've managed to remove the strut and the general consensus is the strut's seized, which was why something broke. A search of the www didn't turn up anything specific so have I just been unlucky?

    Also on-line, struts only appear to be available in pairs, although Honda's happy to sell me just one ... at £84+ :shock: Recommended source(s) of pattern and/or second-hand spares?

    While I'm asking for a source of second-hand spares, the car came with a bottle of puncture sealer but without a jack or wheelbrace. Usual, or the last owner kept 'em when he sold the car?

    Thanks for any assistance.

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    Can't help with the tailgate, I've got a saloon.
    There should have been a jack and brace. Have you contacted the previous owner?
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    Thanks for replying.

    Not yet but, now that I know there should be a jack and brace, I will.

    Rats! :Frown:

    The contents of the guide I knew pretty much anyway, from removing the broken strut.

    A related question I should've included in my first post ...

    ... As NVS noted in the guide, the threaded balls at each end of a strut are screwed in pretty tight. Where my left one has broken off, the thread is broken flush with the surrounding surface of the hinge; it's a blind hole so no chance of getting at the remains from the other end. As it's tight, I'm loath to try an Easy-Out because, if that breaks, there are few other options. Any other thoughts on broken thread removal?

    Otoh, that broken/seized struts are unusual means I'm even happier to try a breaker for a second-hand one;, anyone recommend a breaker they've been pleased to deal with?

    Once again, thanks for your help.

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    Was jack and brace and spare wheel not an option? My handbook mentions them and the pump and can of sealer.