Bubba Watson and the "General Lee"

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    Confederate flag: Bubba Watson to paint over Dukes of Hazzard car - BBC News

    ^^ I'm not sure about this TBH. I totally understand the sentiment given recent events, but just not sure this step is necessary.

    I was surprised to see the Confederate flag so prominent in various US states I visited - and that was in the 1980s. This feels like it is a bit different to flying it over a public building IMHO. That I don't understand.

    A tricky issue I know - very tricky. As a child watching the programme I was totally unaware of the significance...
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    Yes just over the top reaction, when I was young Saturday stopped for The Dukes of Hazard and thought it was just a cool flag.

    Or was it Daisy's shorts that got me watching?
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    :Wub: Ahh, Daisy Duke...Catherine Bach.

    Should add, for anybody interested in finding out more about the American Civil War, the PBS / Ken Burns TV series is right up there with "The World at War" IMHO. They all appear to be on You Tube. Just excellent, and fascinating - and very powerful.

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    I remember my dad had a red Datsun Sunny (near enough orange for me at the time) and I used to get into trouble for opening the windows and climbing in and out instead of opening the door.
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    The nightmares of history is SYMBOLISM

    I remember visiting the Olympic stadium in Berlin in the early eighties . It was weird , a pleasant May Day quiet as an empty stadium would be , with a gentle sun casting mellow shadows peacefully across the turf until you look to the podium where Hitler once stood and the ground where Jesse Owens Triumphed , the mood overshadowed by the past in an instant .

    It's something I always struggle with , the darker side of innocuous symbols and their manipulative exploitation .

    Confederate flag: Why it is so potent in the US - BBC News
    To some, the Civil War battle flag of the breakaway Southern states is as tainted as the swastika and allowing it to fly over the State House in South Carolina, where one-third of the population is black, is akin to hoisting the Hakenkreuz in Jerusalem.
    As I wrote last autumn, to others, it is as innocent as the St George cross - occasionally waved by racists but not their exclusive property.
    Apologies for the deep thinking here it's Sunday and I am always a bit philosophical . :inspiration:
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    Not too deep for a Sunday, that is (as usual) a thought provoking response from you @vincemince.

    Thank you :Thumbup:
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    Since the yanks are relinquishing their right to use it Why don't we our far right radicals use the general Lee as their flag? That will leave the St George Cross back to England and we won't feel ashamed to fly the flag,

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    We have a lot freedom in this country to say what we want ,if that say guy did the same however said long live freedom in a IS land he will be dead within seconds.

    These [email protected] need a reality check you don't bite the hand the feeds you if you want to go , go there get killed but you citizenship is revoked and if you want to come back you will be charged for treason and thrown out.
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    I'am lost for words about this article especially those I have highlighted below.
    I would like to see if his opinion would change if he was rescued from tyranny or terrorists by British forces .
    I do not think he fully understands the symbolic meaning of this flag .
    No , we are not perfect ,we do make mistakes , but we do stand for freedom .

    We don’t need the union jack on Team GB’s kit – it’s ugly and divisive| Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian

    So here is an idea to save the United Kingdom as a political, emotional and cultural entity. Let’s invent a new flag. Let’s visually forget the history of internal compromise and external violence this flag so unattractively embodies. A new flag for a new Britain might help us love our – whole – nation again.