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Discussion in '8th Generation (2006-2011)' started by Alpine, Wednesday 17th Aug, 2016.

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    Hi there

    I'm looking at maybe swapping my 2006 Jazz for an 8th Generation Civic.

    Is there a buyers guide that someone can point me to, that lists the issues/problems with the Civic?

    My Jazz is pretty bullet proof, being built in Japan. Is the standard the same with the Civic, or like most things has quality deteriorated over time?

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    Hi @Alpine
    I just helped a friend buy an 8th Generation Civic so I did a lot research. We don't have a complied list unfortunately but I think I can list out most of the things to look out for.

    What engine are you planning to get?
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    Many thanks for the reply legendary.

    A list of the main issues would be very useful.

    I was thinking of a 1.8 VTEC 4 door, probably a lower spec one as I don't want leather nor a panoramic roof. Probably about 7-8 years old.
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    They are generally quite reliable but it's best that go for a well cared for example with good services history as that would mean most of the issues would have been taken care of. But A very quick list of thing I can remember from on top of my head:

    * best to avoid 2006 cars, get 2007 onwards due to the fact that first model year is always more prone to design faults that get corrected in subsequent years. (Just a general rule of mine)
    * In cars with non-panoramic roof the paint on area where windscreen meets roof gets corroded and flakes off due to vibrations, make sure that is clean. Cars with replacement screens are affected too as replacement companies use non-revised part which Honda issued Later on to counter the effects.
    * fuel flap gets stuck, make sure that works
    * rear suspension sometimes suffers from knocks and bangs, make sure there aren't any.
    * iShift is prone to clutch actuator failure so best to avoid.
    * the centre top LCD to the left of speedometer sometimes display partial digits which a knock on top dash solves. Happens due to lose solders, easy to get fixed or replaced so you can either use it as bargaining chip or walk away. (Rare)
    * Check for leaks in boot and sloshing water in doors (very rare but worth checking)
    * Generally Honda paint is quite soft and shape of the Civic kind of exaggerates the problem of stone chips on bonnet so they are expected, don't be put off.

    Haha I hope I haven't put you off the model but I'm just telling you almost everything that has ever been reported so worry not, all these things can be identified with basic checks so take your time as there are plenty of cars around.
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    Many thanks, that's really useful. Doesn't sound like there are too many issues to be wary of.
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    Hi Alpine,
    Did you finally buy a Civic?
    I can tell you we own one (registered 2007, a 2008 model, 1.4 I-DSI petrol, 5 door). We have had no issues at all so far. My wife's driving it for mostly short distances.
    The only parts replaced on these 9 years: a battery and tyres. Done 70.000 km.