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Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by trailblazzer, Monday 5th Mar, 2012.

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    Hi again everyone!

    Thanks for all the info on my previous thread. I've found what could be my honda, a 2006 2.2 CDTI Sport. Its got a full honda service history, 75k miles and a new clutch and flywheel @ 70k. £3000 spent on repairs apparently all receipted for.

    The 3000 seems like a lot to spend given the cars only 2.5 years out of warranty? Or does that seem normal? I've read the stickies on problems these cars sometimes have. if the clutch is sometimes prone to premature wear, is that the car itself the way the clutch is set up? or the clutch used just isn't up to the task?

    The cars £4500 and that's the absolute limit of my budget. I'm handy with spanners so basic servicing isn't a problem. But if anything semi major goes wrong i'm screwed.

    Any tips on things to check?
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