Pre-Facelift Model Buying a used CR-V

Discussion in '1st Generation (1995-2001)' started by trailblazzer, Saturday 6th Jul, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I've recently moved to New Zealand for work. Cars over here are ridiculously expensive for the age, so I am looking at buying a 96-99 CR-V and I ma looking for your advise on what might be the things to look out for on test runs an inspections?

    I'm looking at a 96 tomorrow. It looks in pretty good nick from the inter-web. Its a 2L Petrol Auto... All the cars out here are AUTO.... See ad attached..

    Honda CR-V 1996 | Trade Me

    Thanks for all the advice folks, as usual, very greatly appreciated!!!

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    What's that mirror doing there? Is this also something typical for N.Z.? And the plastic above the windows and the trunk...

    The way it looks, it does not invite to be floored. Guess you can do a good buy with this, if a spacy, comfortable, reliable 4WD is what you're looking for.
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    In addition to the usual stuff when checking a car, check for rust (as on any 17 year old car), do a couple of laps of a car park on full steering lock and listen for funny noises from the 4WD system, and check the fluid in the auto transmission.
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    Congrats on moving to New Zealand that is one place I will happily emigrate too. Are just working or moved? I can't see that link as the advert has expired hope you find a decent car bud.