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    Hi guys, the time has come for a new car and I'm looking at diesel 7th Generation saloons. From all my research they seem like excellent cars, but I wanted some buying advice and bit of owning experience from real owners and this forum seemed like the nicest out all of them.

    So what do I need to look out for then? I'll have £3500, but will consider £4k for a stunner.

    Also, what are they like to own? How easy are they to work on? I prefer doing all my own work and ideally want to carry that on.

    How easy is it to get an aux line in or a new head unit in as everything looks pretty integrated with the heater controls?

    And finally!! How do the saloons handle? I was hoping to be able to back a sport version as well.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated guys!!

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    Hi Joe and welcome..

    I have just converted from German cars for the past 20 years to my now Honda Accord

    Mine is a 2005 2.2 diesel Executive with a little over 70k on the clock, I considered the Sport but wanted a higher spec and to be honest they are not much more money.

    My experience was looking at quite a few before I finally got what I wanted. Peoples and dealers idea of mint or excellent condition seems to vary WILDLY!!

    History is vital... No honestly it is.. And from a company that knows what it is doing.. IF IT AINT GOT IT WALK AWAY..

    2005 will most prob need or have had the manifold changed and listen very carefully for cam chain noise! if it has ticking noise more so under load or if you smell exhaust fumes in the car with the fan on it probably needs the manifold doing. My can had this but as it swa under 7 years onl and only done 70k Honda replaced free under their extended warrenty on this item.

    Mine is a saloon and I love the handeling, it has 225 45 17 tyres on Honda 17 inch rims. How much this help the handeling over the stock 16 inch rims I don't know but expect not to much. The ride is firm but comfortable which I like. Spuirited driving is fun and the car behaves very well soaking up fast corners with ease unlike my previous VW.

    For working on, I tend to enjoy getting my hands dirty. Just done rear pads which were a doddle nothing else needs doing at the mo but will be fitting new front discs and pads this year I suspect. Oil and filter changes are easy as is air filter no idea about pollen filter not looked at that yet. Fuel filter looks fiddly though. Overall looks no harder to work on than most modern cars.

    No idea about the aux line in bult loads of info on here so do a search and it has prob been done.

    My advice is look about and spend as much as you can afford on a good car with extensive history. I could recommend the dealer I got mine from he works from his home and only does Honda, prices are a little more than most but he is honest and his cars are by far the best I found. I was looking for about two months give or take a month. If you want his details let me know. Good luck bud..
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    Thanks mate, that's a great help. Glad to hear they're easy to work and that they handle well. What car was it you had before? I've looked at passats and we have them as pool cars at work, and as nice as they are, they don't seem to appreciate corners much. Not sure if I compare everything to my old subaru legacy though haha.
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    Had more than my fair share of passats, even the VW Audi guy I know in Northampton says what a pile of poo they are now.

    I was talking to one of the VW area sales Manager guys the other week at his garage and he said why have I ditched VW brand?

    Simple they will do anything they can to worm out of warranty claims, the product is unreliable, over priced, full of design faults, UK buyers don't have access to the same recalls as US or Canada the list goes on and on and on!

    I still have a passat tdi sport estate or rather my wife has but that won't be for long. She has had a drive in my Accord and agrees the quality, handling and performance is not a little but massively better than the vw stable. She is Very keen on a gray accord exec estate (she has never owned anything but estate cars) I like the gray best to but ended up with a satin silver but am very happy with it.

    I like you considered many differing diesels, I opted for Honda for their class winning (my opinion) build quality and performance. I have nothing but praise at the moment for Honda UK who have been very good when I have contacted them and gone beyond the call in terms of keeping me a happy bunny.. VW on the other hand gave me a sod off when my 05 passat started to rust, they told me it had poor quality repair work which caused the problem. Odd that as I had it from new and it had never seen a body shop! but they would not sort the issues, all of which were well known issues.. Same with the turbo failures, down to my driving style! Oh please.. Big is not better in the case of VW.

    Choice is yours my friend but I think you can't go far wrong with an Accord, great diesel engine. Nice and quiet a tdi sounds like a bag of spanners in comparison. Just make sure you buy a good one there are some out there.. Happy Days :Smile:
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