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    Hi all, first of all apologies as this is probably something that's asked all of the time but didn't seem to be able to find anything when searching through the forums. Anyway... at the end of next month I get my bonus from work so am hoping to buy myself a CL9 finally. I just wanted advice really on what I should be keeping an eye out for issues wise? it's likely to be 1 2003, 2004 model as that's about as far as my budget will allow. From what I've been reading the 2.4 engines seem to be pretty bullet proof I think my biggest worry is the clutch as from what I've read it's not a cheap job to have sorted, how can you tell when one is on it's way out? in my old focus I got slip and the biting point was pretty high when it was toast. Any help would be really appreciated as I'm really excited about getting one but obviously want to avoid buying a lemon.
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    Hi Alan, yep pretty much as above.

    As you say a clutch change on the Accord is a pretty big job as the subframe has to be dropped to get to the clutch.

    Other things to watch out for are outer edge wear on rear tyres.
    You'd want to check suspension for creaks and moans. Check the service history out make sure the car has been regularly serviced (sounds obvious huh), the main concern here is regular oil changes.

    See if you can hear any creaking when you press the clutch pedal.

    If it's a Tourer (estate) you're looking at as opposed to a Saloon, examine the rear wheel arches make sure there is no rust. Also on the Tourer make sure the electronics boot opens and closing as it should.

    Hmmm can;t think of anything else at the moment.
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    Hi after purchasing one last week I'll give you my 2 pence worth ! I am no expert what so ever !

    Check no warning light esp VSA I understand that can be a bad sign.
    Check all electrics works. Check Sat Nav works and Top display work.
    Check for rust around sun roof
    Like Speedy said check the car has been regularly serviced, the more documentation the better.
    Check no crunching when changing gear esp higher revs. Ideally the clutch needs replacing after 100k so try and get one that has already been done.
    Gearbox oil needs doing every 30k I think. Incorrect oil can stuff the box.
    I was concerned about the clutch too, but if it hasn't been done then you need to prepare that it will need doing in the future. I think I read somewhere 500- 800 for the 2.4 as its a big job.
    Mine crunches in reverse sometimes but I think its because I haven't got the knack yet. Its also notchy in first and second and I'm hoping changing the gearbox oil / clutch fluid will improve things. The gear change does not feel as nice as my Toledo V5 did .. I'm hoping I haven't bought a lemon !
    As long as you have the history then you should be ok as the engines are supposedly bullet proof if looked after !
    Check remote boot works
    Don't be put off by higher mileage if work has been done esp clutch as engines good up to 200k if looked after.
    Type-S looks better from the outside, but doesn't have the Sat Nav, premium stereo, leather and maybe more bits like HID lights. Early Type-S has same suspension as executive.
    17" alloys look better if you can find one with them already
    For a 2003 / 2004 you are looking at a budget of 1300-2500 dependant on condition and mileage, should get a minter for 2k IMO.
    8.99 will get you a check if car has any finance etc and I got all the advisories for MOT for last 10 years too with the report - I think.
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    Cheers for all of the advise so far, I'm not afraid of high mileage cars to be honest as long as they've been looked after, my old focus was low mileage and was nothing but trouble lol. I'm wanting an exec but planning on getting some of the nicer outside bits from the Type-S added at a later date. Ideally I'd like one with the penta alloys but reckon I'll end up dumping RX8 alloys on anyway in the end :-D Noticed you're in Birmingham @SpeedyGee which is handy to know lol
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    I have a 2006 2.0 petrol Accord. The only fault has been a leaking brake master cylinder which was replaced 2 years ago under a Honda Extended Warranty. The car needs new rear brake pads about every 25k miles which seems to be a 'feature' of this model.
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    Clutch is £650 fitted with Honda

    Full service including spark plugs is £330 again with Honda

    One is very reasonable one hilarious