Engine & Gearbox buying used petrol accord automatic - testing car

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    Simon Walsall
    I am thinking of getting a Honda Accord, petrol, automatic.

    How would you go about checking the car out before buying it?
    How did you go about testing the last car purchased?

    RAC do a car check for about 250 pounds, is it worth it, or a waste of money?

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    United Kingdom Phil Salisbury
    Personally I wouldn't pay the £250 but that's me being tight, if you're not confident checking the car yourself take a friend who is, a mechanic if you know one.

    Take the car for a good road test, try the box in all the settings, D, D3 and M, once the engine is up to temperature on a good stretch of road try the kickdown, I say do this with a hot engine because you'll probably hit VTEC doing it, also once it's hot try a few hills to check for slipping in the gears, after the road test check the oil, look for correct level and colour, it should be redish in colour, but even if it's a bit black I wouldn't be too worried if it was OK while driving, I've done a guide on changing the gearbox oil and filter, the oil check procedure is in there if you want to know how to do it.

    The engines are pretty bullet proof so just look for anything obvious, leaks, belt, noise, smoke.

    I've also put a phone number on here somewhere, for ringing Honda UK to check for Honda service history.
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    Simon Walsall
    Thanks, that's really useful.
    What does the D3 do?
  4. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    D3 limits you to the first three gears in the gearbox.
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    Simon Walsall
    Just a quick update:-
    Saw an Accord on monday, and the automatic gearbox seemed to make a thud-ing sound when it was put into D, otherwise the gears seemed ok.

    The guy had a receipt for the alternator being replaced at 40,000 miles

    I think i'll give this one a miss.
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    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    You're not having the best of luck finding a perfect specimen eh @hondream? I was really careful buying my second Accord as I was stung so heavily on my first one with various issues. You're doing the right thing by being patient :Smile: