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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Sprockutt, Tuesday 20th Sep, 2016.

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    Well after two years and 15,000 miles of problem free motoring my ownership of my trusty little Logo is coming to an end. But I'm delighted to say the car will be staying in the family as my Mum's partner is buying it.

    Over the course of ownership I tracked just over 12k miles using fuelly and the car averaged 44.2 MPG and had a best MPG of 52.3. That was through a couple of winters and several months of commuting with a couple of passengers. So all in all I'd say it's probably the best value for money car I've ever owned and sad as it is it's one I really grew quite attached to.

    I was never one for tracking fuel before but I grew more interested in driving frugally. Although not as extreme as a serious hyper miler I did start turning off the engine at traffic lights etc and this is why my MPG improved over the last couple of years. Which leads me to me new car had to be a CR-Z. I don't pick it up for a couple of weeks but am very much looking forward to my new car. It's like a time machine compared to the Logo and it's difficult to conceive that there is only 11 years between them.

    I hope the CR-Z knows it has a lot to live up to.

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    Aww. I was about to be sad as yours is one mint Logo but then I read the part where it stays in family so yay! I think even though it was only offered for a year, and was EOL model yet it was well advanced car for its time.

    Talking about advance wow what a jump!! CR-Z! They look cracking and have a manual box. Do add it to garage when you take delivery.
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    Good luck with your new toy, sounds like fun. :Grin:
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    :congratulations: on the CR-Z @Sprockutt

    I'd love one myself, but no automatic option means no chance of that ever happening unless I bought a Jap import.

    Great to hear the Logo is staying in the family too.

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  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    She has served you well, but all thing must end.
    The CR-Z will be fun.
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    Logo is soo clean in your images.
    Great little car but at least it is staying in the family.

    Enjoy the CR-Z, they are definitely a rare sight on the roads.
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