Official Honda Cal Crutchlow Added to Honda Riders Close Up Site

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    Cal Crutchlow has been added to the Honda Riders Close Up site, providing a close look at the world's most brilliant riders challenging the harsh and unforgiving world of racing on their Honda factory machines.

    Source: Honda World News
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    Umm that means Calcrashslow has now wound his neck in no more whinging and moaning episodes we all saw in his Yamaha days. Japanese Corporate culture does not stand it and you will be forced out , good to see he has learnt his lesson the hard way and Honda will give him all the support as long has he stops being critical.

    For Honda to do this means he is now in the inner HRC sanctum he will get the factory upgrades.. through the back door.

    Hope he does well this weekend at Silverstone with shiny side up hopefully :bike: