Suspension, Steering and Brakes Caliper sliders and bolts

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    I'm working on my sisters CR-V today - both sides / front caliper slider pins were solid. Managed to free them - but are too far gone to reuse.
    Anyone know where to source a kit from (caliper bolts/sliders/boots). Tried honda but they want over £100!! :shock:

    I'm also missing the shims from rear of pads - presumably they have rusted away. New pads (brembo) didn't come with any.

    Finally - if anyone knows the torque spec for the caliper that would be much appreciated. Looked everywhere but seems to be a well kept secret!

    Many questions I know - any help much appreciated. Cheers.
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    Hi @jetty, it's customary for new members to drop by the Introduce Yourself and say a few words about yourself and your car.

    As for the brakes oddly I couldn't seem to find a guide for doing brakes on the CR-V, here links to doing brakes on the Accord and FR-V

    FR-V front and rear brake pads (Suspension, Steering and Brakes - )

    Front Brake Disk and Pad Replacement

    Failing that someone maybe able to look up the torque specs for you.

    As for sliders, trying looking for companies that provide refurb kits for calipers and asking them if they can supply you with caliper sliders.

    Keep us updated on how you get one.
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    Torque specs are on the same thread on the exploded diagrams. Welcome to HK @jetty
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    Brakes International should do the bit you need fro the calipers
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    Cheers guys - thanks for the info. Looks like FR-V calipers are the same as CR-V ?
    These are the only ones I can find - parts seem difficult to find for some reason:

    Re: rear calipers - are these push in or screw ?
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    Rear calipers would depend on what year yours is my 05 has push in but I am pretty sure the earlier ones are screw in. Easy way to tell is if the pistons have the slots it will be screw in I know the push in pistons don't have the slots.