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    As an Accord owner until this spring and formerly active member of this community, I hope I may be allowed a shameless plug for my new book. I know that many of you are into cars in general and visit France on holiday.
    If so, my book - out today! - should be just right for you. Entitled France: the essential guide for car enthusiasts, it's a guide to 200 things to see and do in France with an automotive flavour. There are museums, classic car shows, motorsport events (historic and modern), race circuits to drive on and more. The paperback is available to order now from bookshops, Amazon or the publisher (at

    Guide cover (731x1020).

    As well as the paperback, it's available as an eBook (for Apple iBook + Kindle) and as a smartphone app (for Android, Windows Phone and - very shortly - iOS), with added functionality and extra video and photo content.
    There's a dedicated website where you can find out more at You'll find an event calendar for 2015 and GPS coordinates to download to your satnav for all the places mentioned. You can stay in touch by following DriveGuideGuru on Facebook and Twitter.
    If you're planning a trip to France this year, I hope you'll take a look. There is no other guide of its kind.
    PS I did most of the research for this book driving my Accord Type-S diesel!