Engine & Gearbox Cam Belt Change on 2003 Civic

Discussion in '7th Generation (2001-2005)' started by John Dickson, Friday 21st Sep, 2012.

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    A friend mentioned something about his mother's 2003 Civic to me yesterday. It's a 2003, 1.4 (N3/EP3? - not sure on all the model numbers yet). It has approx. 47,000 miles on it and she has been informed that the cam belt has never been changed. Not sure if this is actually a requirement but am I correct in thinking this should be done at 60,000 miles or "X" years depending on which comes first?

    The car was dealer serviced until the 3 year warranty ran out and as there is no Honda Dealer near by a local garage did the maintenance after that as she doesn't drive very far and is never really going to the area where the local dealer is.

    If the cambelt should have been changed but has not, is this really something to worry about, other than the fact that it is at a higher risk of failure due to exceeding its service life and the damage that can cause? What I'm trying to say is that if the belt were changed, is there any associated issues to worry about directly arising from not changing the belt at the correct time providing the old belt doesn't fail before changing it of course?

    She has also been told that it will need break pipes for its next MOT and it is "rusty" underneath. The body work is in really good condition however so I can't imagine that the underside is that bad; yes it will have some corrosion but they did not issue any advisory notices at the last MOT. Did this model of Civic come with the 10 year chassis/12 year perforation warranty like my 2006/09 Accords as I'm wondering if the rust is that bad if it is worth getting a dealer to look at it as a warranty claim?