camera charging connection 12v to 5v

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    So I have this camera, it's bullet camera that I bought for my bike. Only problem is that battery last only 2h. I wanted to connect that to my car. Next to mirror I placed my camera and from that point I had to think how to run cable to charge it so it works constantly.
    This is what I came up with.

    I bought this usb charger port. That way I could reduce voltage.
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    I then striped it to parts and taken main board out.

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    After I connected few cables I've checked my theory.

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    I bought camera cable, just so I could hook my board to


    The only job left was to hook it up. I've checked where in the car, is constant voltage whether edition key is turned or not. I found out that interior lights, always got power so I hooked my cable there and hidden it.

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    And that's that.

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    Thanks. I like little projects like that

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    That is a very interesting way of powering the camera up. Nicely done!
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    I don't like cables hanging all over the place. All connections in the car are 12v so I had no choice.

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