Electrical & Lights can a dealer detect clocking ?

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    I'm currently looking for an accord.

    I've seen a promising car, but there is a niggle over the documentation for the mileage and I'm concerned that it has had the mileage trimmed.

    If I can get the vendor to take it to a Honda dealer can they tell if its been clocked? I'm hoping that the mileage might be stored in both the instrument cluster and the main ECU and that there will be a discrepancy to be seen.

    Or do I just wait for the next one?

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    Hi Banana,
    No, there's no 2 locations where the mileage is stored. It's only in the instrument cluster.
    If you're in doubt about the correct mileage: walk away.
    Some tips: have a look at signs of wear on the pedals and the seats. But even this doesn't say it all. High mileage on the highway leavs hardly any traces (except some chips on the bonnet).
    Good luck with your hunt on the right car (hoping it will an Accord or at least a Honda....).
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    Banana the best way to check a car has been clocked is to ring the dealers provided its Honda service,they will give you the dates and mileage you then compare what been recorded in the service booklet. If it not in the serviced at Honda franchise then you have no traceability.
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    You do have traceability if it has been MOT'd.
    It will show you the last 3 or 4 mileage for the last 3 or 4 mots.
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    A Honda dealer should be able to tell you about the services that have been done if its had services done by honda so if you ring the Honda dealer in the service history book and ask them and they say the car was last serviced at say 109k miles and the cars showing 80k miles you know its heen clocked. I rang Honda whn i got mine and they told me everything its had done to it new manifold under warranty a turbo replacement at 19k miles etc. You can't really go on condition of interior mines done 165k miles and you can't tell from the interior or by how it drives i could easily half the mileage on mine and you wouldn't tell.
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    Thought it was worth asking.

    All irrelevant now anyway, after asking questions about it the guy selling has announced that I'm too much trouble and I should look elsewhere.

    I should say that I'm very picky about this sort of thing. A few years ago I almost bought a BMW where the mileages on the service and MOT paperwork was all in a nice progression and it was only when checking to see if a recall had been actioned that I found out that the mileages recorded by the dealer for every visit that wasn't a service or MOT were out of step. Basically the owner had been clocking it every year just before the annual service and MOT.
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    That says it all!! You're lucky not having bought that car.
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    Clearly you've been asking the seller the right questions, or in his eyes the wrong ones, to provoke that response.

    Now give you're local plod a tip off so some other unsuspecting person doesn't get stung by his scam.
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    Doc, No proof - just the fact that for a year it did no miles.
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    I can almost guarantee the police will not be interested. Too much to do and not enough time.
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    Its so easy to do nowadays , a £5 cd from fleabay and a obd lead is all you need most of the time. I used to know a guy who leased cars and went way over the allowed mileage so clocked em before they went back, its also common with ex taxi's I've heard too. they advertice is as mileage 'correction' software. Don't know what we can do to stop it now. technology eh?
    leave the car if you aint sure dude +1.