Electrical & Lights Can anybody tell me what this is..??

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    Hello guys,

    Just changed my radiator and now me heater working A+ ... while putting everything back on i found something i have not seen before... i was putting the under tray back on and by the wheel arch driver side (by the wheel arch, under the front bumper, where there are air vents) there was this white cap of some sort. i just don't know where it came from and what it attaches to.. any one seen on of these before...:Wassat:

    It has got a HONDA sign on it.. so it has to be from the car.. just don't know where is came from..

    IMAG0200. IMAG0201.
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    It the low beam headlight cap look at the headlights and see the big hole it covers.
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    Ahhaa... found it and fixed it... Cheers bud...