Engine & Gearbox Can I convert the F18B into a DOHC?

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    Hi guys,
    This might sound silly to ask, but I'd rather know now before I spend any money.
    I have a '99 Accord with an F18B SOHC i-VTEC engine. It's ok, but I feel the single cam is really holding the engine back.
    The Big Question: if I sourced a B18 head from a 'teggy, would it fit onto my bottom end? Or would it be easier/cheaper just to replace the whole thing with a B20?
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    I would have a look around the tinterweb, see what conversions others have done.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I doubt it .Easier to buy a ATR to be honest and sell your bit on the internet.

    But that just me.
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    Honda accord F18 modifications

    Hi need abit of advise i have recently got a 1.8i accord the f18 and im wanting to improve the power. Was wondering if you can use a b16 or a b18 cylinder head instead of the standard one and if so what power gains should expect from this, also would fitting a Integra inlet mainfold improve performance as well and can i run the p28 ECU with the f18 engine with the mods i want to do. Also is the exhaust path of an Integra the same as an accord as looking at pictures on internet they look pretty similar. If any one has any info it would be great as its a budget build and don't want to have to folk out £2000 for a decent b16 or b18 engine thanks.if you can help thanks
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    i would go for the ATR engine not much torque from the 16s and 18s and IMHO i think the ATR lump would be an easier fit to
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    for the price you can buy ATRs for at the moment you might as well buy one instead of plowing around the same amount of money into an engine conversion that will give you less power!
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