Off-Topic Can Someone Explain How The Hell This Is "Advice"?

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    Should I have bought a BMW without two keys? - Telegraph

    So, people write to this guy for motoring advice because they are too silly to use the 3.2 brain cells God equipped them with and then "Honest" John writes that sort of nonsense. As with the link above, just where exactly is the help and advice? Hm, where is it? Probably stuck where the sun don't shine with the rest of his so-called legendary "advice".

    Only a tool would write to this joker.

    Anyone who thinks this guy is a motoring helper needs a slap and their head checking. Thats my inflammatory post for the weekend. :Rolf:
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    So let me this right. If someone has another key they could erm erm steal it? Strange wouldn't have thought that!
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    That's the average intellect of Bavarian owners combined with HJ just shows telegraph judgement ..shocking