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    My pal has spent the summer working in Italy, as he does and while there he had a problem with his CR-V, which is about 2007, a bit leggy but normally reliable, with the 2.2 CDTI engine.
    A seal failed on one injector and when he took it to a local mechanic in Florence the guy managed to snap off a stud. He (the mechanic) couldn't extract it so he took the car to his friend at the Honda dealer to sort it out. This friend then sent him on to another friend at the Mercedes dealership, explaining that the 2.2 CDTI engine is actually a Mercedes unit, as used in the Vito van. The Mercedes dealership sorted the problem in minutes.
    Can this possibly be true? I know the diesel engine fitted to some Civics and Accords years ago wasn't a Honda - it was an Isuzu wasn't it? - but I thought Honda developed the CDTI themselves.
    I am now wondering what is under the plastic cover of the I-DTEC in my Accord...
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    Utter rubbish apart from the injector seals are the same size as in the Mercedes.
  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I believe the Common-rail Diesel Unit and injectors on the I-CTDI are made by Bosch, certainly not Mercedes.
    I'm sure @Zebster and others will be able to elucidate further.

    I'm not sure about the I-DTEC.
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    lol at it being the same engine as Mercedes, it might have similar secondary parts such as injectors, turbos etc as they are sourced from other companies like Bosch, but the mechanical engine itself is Honda.
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    I'm only repeating what he told me, and they told him. Maybe his Italian isn't as good as he thought. Having Bosch injectors, etc, sounds believable.
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Whilst I would have expected a Honda dealer to be able to sort this out, or they may have been to busy to do it straight away. It may be that the Merc place had the tools needed to extract the stud. Either way, your pal is back on the road.
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    I'm guessing that the Merc coincidentally uses the same Bosch injectors as the I-CTDI. That's all!

    The 2.2 I-CTDI is definitely a Honda original, if the same engine is being used in a Merc Vito then Honda are supplying the engines to Mercedes (rather than the other way round). The 1.7 diesel used in Civics a while back was an Izusu unit.
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    On another not, wasnt the 2 litre diesel engine fitted to 5th Generation Accord, actually a Rover sourced unit, as the then Accord, also provided the chassis for the Rover 800.
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    Yh the 2.0TD, guessing you meant the 600 and not 800. The 600 also used Honda petrol engines in some models.
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    thats what I meant mate.
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    Definitely was talking about the injectors being sourced from Bosch, and the Mercedes dealer being used to dealing with it - the I-CTDI is very much Honda's own design.