General Can't live with this Any ideas on fix ?

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    When your better half asks are you in a good mood ? You get this
    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix - a Replacement is £164 for the part KB 1 legend rear bumper trim image. image. image.
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    That sucks and like you probably couldn't live with it either. A few things come to mind first check into the cost of re-chroming probably will be more than the cost of replacement but you never know or possibly a chrome vinyl wrap?

    The chrome paints look horrible, but you could potentially rough it up and paint it a bumper black but would probably look quite out of place even if the paint was done well.
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    Well there are chrome wrap outfits who could fill that area and then get the trim flat for a chrome wrap. may be cheaper than the new part but they have to get the front chrome matched to the rear on a prestige car which will stick out like a sore thump.
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    And if you are near Aldershot/Woking/farnborough area I can put you in contact with a wrap specialist.
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    That's a bummer. Is that a standard question from all other halfs?
    Had a look on eBay but this is all that came up you could give them a shout and see if they have the part you want.
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    Thanks guys for all the suggestions
    will have to look into this a bit more - apparently the part just pulls off and is pushed back on
    Same part in Acura RL part is listed at $110 = £ 75
    Because it's so rare over here difficult to find the used part