ICE & HFT car audio install. anyone done it or know a good fitter?

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    I'd like to upgrade my sound in the CR-V but I'm unsure the best way to go about it. Has anyone done anything to there's yet ?

    I have a load of amplifiers that could be used and subs I could utilise too but then that brings up the question of fitting them to the existing stereo. Is the sound going to improve enough with high level speaker input or should I get a processor like jl audio clean sweep?

    Can the head unit be replaced with something that keeps all its functions? Reverse cam . dab aerial. iMID steering wheel remote etc

    Jlaudio do a stealth sub but is expensive. I know a box could be made to fit over the wheel but what would the Quality be like ?

    In America they put a 5 channel jl audio amp under the seat where the subwoofer goes. Another one could go on top of the spare wheel if I had a stealth sub. The bonus with that is I'd get more rms to the sub with a seperate amp.

    I had some focal coaxial like the 165krc in my accord plus a mb Quat tweeter in the OEM postion. When I disconnected the focal tweeter the sound wasn't as good. That now leaves me undicided on what speakers to get. Do I get high quality coax or seperate components? I don't want all the vocals by my feet. Ideally I'd have a 3 way system and some pods made but I'm unsure of the cost.

    If @Allwoods Audio see this and can offer advice or price and time scale to fit I might consider the 4hr trip if it can be done in a day. I can remove all door cards easily enough to help.

    My equipment I have which I'll most likely sell most of is

    Phoenix gold ti elite 6 (single huge xover) 300w rms each.
    Phoenix gold qx4140
    Phoenix gold qx4150
    Phoenix gold qx2180
    Directed audio 200 4ch
    Next amp 2ch 500w rms @4ohm. 2 ohm stable bridged mabe 700wrms
    Rockford fostgate 15" sub
    Mb quart 12"
    Mb quart 4" components premium range

    Most likely I'd just use 2 amps and possibly the 12" sub. It's the connecting it to the stereo I could do with help with.

    If anyone knows of a car stereo installer in the west midlands they can recomeend please let me know.
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    Hi mate,,
    have sent this to my brother @Allwoods Audio.

    we are going to be in your area next Tuesday. . maybe we could meet up and have a chat while at the car and go over some options.
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    Hi Chris. I'm having a tooth extracted Tuesday at about 3.30. I should be free after 4.15 if your still around.

    I've just found a great amp focal solid 4, that would make fitting easier as it's the same layout as the jlaudio with the adjustments on top. I'm just unsure if the quality is better than what I have already.
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    I'm busy in Sutton Coldfield on wed and Thurs, so chances to be coming down on the Tuesday. .
    just waiting for confirmation that it's going ahead,, 2hen I hear I will let you know and we can meet up with you at the hotel for a chat.
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
    just heard the meeting we were supposed to be attending has been pesponed, sp not going to be coming down yet..

    with there being Soo many options it is going to be difficult to go over properly on here... really would benefit being face to face with the car present.

    If you want I can let you know when we are due to be down your way , or if you are ever heading up my way let me know and we can meet up at the shop and put a few plans/designs together..
    all aspects of work can be done, from simple stealth sub boxes to full custom dash and door cards etc.
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    No probs mate. Just get in touch when your coming this way. I need to double check where you are but im sure your 4 hours away which is a bit far just for a chat.

    I missed out on a great amp which would of made things easier so ill fit the ones I have for now.

    Ideally I'd like the focal ps165 f3 3 way speakers and a custom 10" sub. I'd use the qx4150 under passengers seat and my other amp on top of my spare wheel. If I get a higher powered amp ill just use that one under my seat in tri mode. I think I may have to leave the processor till later as I can see the cost of what I'm after spiraling out of control.

    Having 2 seperate amps does give me the option of going active with the front speakers which means I'd have greater control over the sound and could tune it better. I might consider a new head unit if I can work out what features I'd loose but Id probably have to go for 2 way speakers to save some cash.