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    So, I found this really useful excel spreadsheet which allows you to track your vehicle expenses and thought of a few key people in here who might like this kind of thing @SpeedyGee , @Nels , @Ichiban @FirstHonda . This is on 2013 and above editions. If you go into templates and search for "Car Repair Tracker", it will pop up.

    Anyway, a few modifications to suit myself, such as changing the dollar sign to a pound one, as well as customising the entries and adding a few more columns, I have it as I like it. Its really good, you can search by vehicle, costs spent, type of expense (whether it was a service, mechanical failure etc depending on what you decide to call it), mileage, MOT status, date etc etc. It also shows that over the 7 years of owning my Accord, she has cost me just over 4k, 3 sets of new tyres. It also shows how reliable she has been, with the main costs being 6 monthly services (roughly although I am missing a few receipts), and the Civic has cost, within a single year, just over £1.5k but she is now behaving flawlessly.

    Mine looks like this and has been taken from the receipts I have. I have also realised that I am missing a few receipts which I need to track down - not like me to lose paperwork. I blame the house move.

    A couple of pictures - the first one specifying MOTs only


    How reliable has my Accord been?


    2x mechanical failures in 7 years, neither of which left me on the side of the road. Come on VAG group or other german marque manufacturer, you won't beat that :gohonda:

    Specifying details of the missus Civic only brings up this

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    Worked mine out at £1-50 per mile ! That figure is all fuel, annual service MOT, road tax and insurance. Much cheaper to get taxis which in my manor are around £1-00 a mile !
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    Nice find @Nighthawk ! Will check it out later.
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    Much cheaper being a dead person, although there's heavy outlay for that too initially !
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    I can't afford to die !
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    I like the side image! :crazyeyes:
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    Side Boob for a side image.... good choice.