Suspension, Steering and Brakes car not driving straight

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    Hi all. First time poster.

    I have recently bought a FR-V 1.8 petrol Ex model 58 plate.

    I have unfortunately hit a kerb at about 5-10 mph and burst my front passenger tyre. I drove it to my local garage as it was not very far, about a mile away. I got the tyre replaced and had a 4 wheel alignment done. Now my car doesn't drive straight, the steering wheel sits off centre by a few degrees, so holding the steering straight, the car goes to the right. I took it back to the garage and made sure the steering was straight, incase the steering was off centre when the alignment was being done, but it still moves to the right when speeding up. When coasting, it seems to go straight. But not when accelerating.

    I fear I may have damaged something. So the front passenger has a brand new tyre which is a different brand to the drivers side but I don't think that would be the cause.

    what should I ask the garage to Check? Nearside bushes?

    The steering wheel also vibrates when driving above 65mph but it was doing that before I burst my tyre.

    Should any local garage be Abe to fix or shall I take it to honda directly?

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    Hello @euphoria1z and welcome to HK.
    sorry to hear about your car.. you should get the suspension checked for bent arms or other damage as you never know if the garage just did alignment with damaged components just to make a quick buck. vibration at speeds sounds like an un-balanced tyre.. I would say take it to a reputable garage and ask them to do a through inspection.
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    There's a guy who has posted about his drive shaft wearing down due to corrosion and causing an unbalanced vibration.
    Maybe a route to consider?
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    Is it simply that the steering wheel is not properly centred, or is the car actively pulling to the right?

    Those are two very different problems!
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    well the steering is centered because I checked steering before he locked in into place. The fronts are all green on the hunter alignment print out.

    I wouldn't call it pulling, I mean when coasting it goes in a straight line but when accelerating then it goes right. I've been told by someone that if the front left suspension bush has gone soft or has play then this could have the affect I'm describing. I did drive the car with a flat tyre for about a mile so maybe the bush is damaged? The garage want the car for half a day to check it but I work shifts so a bit awkward.

    I might leave it till it's due its MOT.

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    How can I establish if it's pulling to the right. Sometimes it feels like it, almost as if holding the steering to the left requires more force and holding it to the right happens with ease, but I put that down to the left tyre being new and right being worn. The steering doest forcefully turn right but does turn slightly right as the car veers to the right.

    How to check exactly?
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    Tyres should ultimately be changed in pairs (across the same axle), otherwise you will not be able to eliminate issues like the ones you are having.
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    If it pulls right when accelerating hard, then straightens when you lift the throttle, it could be torque steer? I can't explain it easily, but it can occur on front wheel drive cars.
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