Bulletins & Advisories Car recovered in with flat battery/non starter with mutiple DTC's

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    Honda issued this TSB# SJ-27-004-00 for all Honda Civic FD3 for model years MY 2006,2007 2008 & 2009 dated the 20-11-09

    Civic Hybrid - DTC P0A7F


    DTC P0A7F may be mus-leading a number of technician's to inadvertently replace the Main IMA Battery module due to the DTC description - (BATTERY
    However when the battery module voltage is checked it is normally found to be OK and the root cause is actually the 12 volt battery.
    If you encounter this DTC first check the following.
    1. Connect HDS and comfirm the presence of DTC P0A7F.

    2. Check the DTC freeze data and confirm the BCM Source Voltage. (It should be above 9 volts)

    3 Confirm the Main IMA Battery cell voltages are equally charged.


    If the main IMA battery cell voltages are OK and the BCM source voltage is lower than 9 volts, then check the 12 volt battery with a s Battery Tester as a poor state of charge/health may also cause this DTC to be triggered.
    Note; On some 2009YM Civic IMA this DTC may also be triggered due to a software error. An ECM update is available for these vehicles.
    Civic Hybrid F-CAN DTC

    The MIL light is on and the following codes stored: U0110, U0111, U1205, U1206, U0037 The DTC codes cannot be erased. Troubleshooting does not indicate any obvious problem.


    The 12v vehicle battery has been discharged causing a loss of communication between the MCM and the other related units on the F-CAN bus lines.

    Repair Method

    1. Are there any other DTC codes other than those mentioned on this bulletin that will not erase ? If so troubleshoot the other DTCs first.
    2. Disconnect the 12v battery.
    3. Check condition of 12v battery and if necessary recharge.
    4. Reconnect the battery ensuring that the keys are not inserted into the ignition switch.
    5. Switch on ignition then check if any DTCs are still present.
    If no DTCs are present your repair is complete. If the same DTCs are present follow the procedure below:
    1. Disconnect the 12v battery again.
    2. Remove the rear seat back to gain access to the IMA main power switch.
    3. Turn the IMA main power switch to "Off" and leave it switched off for at least 5 minutes.
    4. Turn the IMA switch back to "On"
    5. Reconnect the 12v battery.
    6. Use HDS to confirm that the DTCs have been erased.