Engine & Gearbox car shakes when accelerating

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by J.A.M, Wednesday 3rd Oct, 2012.

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    My car failed its MOT a couple of months ago on few suspension items. I got them repaired (osf lower arm, nsf upper arm, rear drop links too). Since then, my car vibrates badly when accelerating hard. It died down a bit, but still very noticeable when accelerating normally. It's not there when idling or at steady speed. The vibrations don't come through the steering wheel. I've had the wheels tracked and balanced. Buts still there.

    The garage says there is a little movement in the short drive shaft. But only way to tell is get new one which will be costly, especially if not the problem. But they didn't really know what else it could be. I've done a littl research and come across similar issues where it was the engine mounts.

    Any ideas?

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    Forgot to say its a 54 reg 2.2 i ctdi tourer. With 130000 miles on clock.
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    Haven't heard of any issues on the diesel with engine mounts. But driveshafts are a well known issue. From what you describe it sounds more like driveshafts as the higher the RPM the worst the vibration would be.
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    I would say 7 out of 10 times this is inner CV joints and more than likely passenger side. Have you had new tyres put on recently by any chance.
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    If it was the driveshaft, wouldn't the vibration be there all the time? It's there when accelerating, but as soon as I lift off it stops! I have had a new tire when they fixed the MOT failure bits.
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    im not saying im correct was the vibration there before the new tyre
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    No, there was nothing. Which first made me think the garage done something.
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    I've had same problem before and im75% certain inner CV joint. You will find the more mileage you do the better it will get as the tyre looses tread and balances it self out with the shaft. All so if you have tyre pressure slightly lower less vibration. The slightest movement in the joint can cause this contact HH they quoted me good price