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    Hello, I,ve just joined the forum and was looking for some advice.

    I am now the proud owner (for 3 weeks now) of a Aug 2011 Accord, facelift model and its absolutely brilliant except, the sound quality of the fitted stereo on CD and iPOD is pretty poor. With only a treble and bass control I am having problems getting a decent mid range sound from it. I took it back and the dealer could find nothing wrong, in fact I insisted on listening to the show model and it sounded the same.

    I traded in a Ford Focus for it and the sound from it was much superior.

    Anyway, does anyone else have this problem or is it me? I can't even identify the stereo model, it is factory fitted, single disc with no sat nav.


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    hi mate, i too have noticed sound system is nothing special , mine is 2008 8th Generation ex with the premium sound system 6cd and mp3 input .it has more adjustments with bass trble subwoofer etc but still sounds tinny as if one of the speakers is faulty, but isolating sound to each speaker in turn makes no difference sxo assume its the norm
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    Thanks, was beginning to think it was just me, although the wife did mention it sounded tinny. Do you know of any options? Would upgrading the speakers help or is the best option to change the sound system, and if so what are the options?

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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    I just updated the door speakers with some Focals and replaced the tweeters with some MB Quarts. The sound is a lot better but not as good as my B&W's at home. The sound now has more mid range and the treble is more to my liking. Guitars originally sounded soft and acoustic guitars had no weight to them. Overall Im happy with it especially as its better than what I had before in my old primera. That was just plain sh!t3.
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    Thanks for advice. Are the speaker grill covers in doors to rear seats dummy covers. Theres no sound that comes out of mine?
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    I've got speakers in mine but it is the premium stereo. I'm not sure what speakers come with the standard stereo.

    If your phone has a torch put it on and look through the mesh. You should be able to see if there's a speaker fitted or not. Failing that I'd take the door card off and have a look to check that there is some speaker wire there.
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    Thanks - checked with torch - no speakers. Will get some fitted and see if that helps sound quality. cheers
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    I have a 2.2 ES GT with nav and HFT and the sound system is awesome! I'm not sure if it is premium audio? But after reading this topic I am going to check all of the speakers later to see if any are dummies.

    I had an 07 plate FN2 Type-R GT back in 2008 and the sound system in that was rubbish. Very tinny, no power and just sounded very flat! :Frown:

    Not that I minded too much as I made my own music with that sexy sexy cam change over :Grin: Addictive to say the least!


  9. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I use my iphone and the music quality is good , and sound is amazing its as good as my home Bose system. don't know why you guys have issues?

    it depend how good your MP3 bit rate rate is higher the better, that that one the reasons I still prefer CD's.
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    Same quality on CD and iPOd - poor. I also have bose at home and it doesnt compare. Thanks anyway
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    Hi guys, rather than open a new thread I thought I'd ask here. What generally to people use for Bass/Treble/Sub woofer settings to get the best out the sound system? My accord is a 2009 EX and the front speakers have been replaced with pioneers.. sounds pretty good and the backseat pasengers say its great but it feels a little lacking in the front.. what volume do people generally listen at?
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    If I have the stereo loud ie 28-30 Ill have bass 5, trebble 2, subwoofer 4. This normally my hot summers day setting with windows down.

    99% of the time Ill have the bass 6, trebble 3-2 subwoofer 5-6 and the volume no more than about 11-15 I think.

    When I fade the stereo to the front and turn subwoofer down to -6 my Focal speakers are still really bassy so if yours seem a little week it may be your speakers. They may even not be seald tightly in the door?
  13. salopian adas Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I eventually had faulty front speakers changed on my ,08 2.4 with premium sound system, Honda tech guys took a lot of convincing they were tinny, I told them they were all tone deaf. sound is now reasonable but not as good as you would expect on a 30 grand car
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    Hi Mick,

    If you want the best sound don't fiddle with the settings too much. The system is tuned to deliver a sound as close as possible to the original recording. If heavy bass is your thing then feel free to cranck it up, but IMHO that's not the best.

    I love the premium audio. It's one of the main reasons I bought my car last month after a four year lease. My only gripe is that it is sometimes a bit too fragile. Any crack or pop in the recording will be very apparent. Makes me think the speakers are blown. But they're not. It's in the recording.

    I recommend tuning the settings just so that it is a bit more pleasing to the ear:
    - fader: a bit to the back, 1-4, whatever is the most pleasing
    - trebble: neutral, rather turn it down than up.
    - bass: neutral or maybe plus 1/2
    - sub: also plus 1. Love to feel the bass kick in my chest at louder volumes. Don't overdo it, though.
    - center: try to experiment with this. The original recording is stereo, so whatever the centerspeaker produces is processed by the system, which is basicly not a good thing. In the end I left mine at neutral.

    I use decent quality AAC over iPhone. For me, that's just about as good as CD. Also have some high dynamic range 24-bit music running on my iphone. Great music player if you ask me.
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    Hi Racy Jace,
    The speaker you bought are 2-ways? What is the use of this? The treble speakers are already separately mounted higher in the door.
    Ain't this a waste of money? I mean wouldn't it be better to replace the bass/midrange speaker by a higher quality one and replace the tweeter also by a higher quality one?
    I'm looking to bring up the quality of the sound in my Accord also. Standard system is just 'OK', but does not bring music to life. I don't need the Marantz-Dynaudio livingroom level in my car, but a bit more controlled sound would be nice.
    Does anybody have experience with other (one-way) replacement speakers?
  17. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hi. First off the updated Honda door speakers come with tweeters in anyway. Its in the Honda brochure:Foolish: :Whistle:


    Even though I bought my speakers second hand, they would have cost £250 new hence they have great quality woofers in them for a cheap price. The tweeter has 3 level positions too as it has a proper separate crossover which allows me to turn it down. :Wink: Why buy pioneer new when you can get a great sounding 2nd hand focal speaker.:Thumbup: I also had a top quality set of MB Quart Premium components that I pinched the tweeters from to put in the higher position.

    The MB quart tweeters are titanium and the Focals are paper I think. If they were both made the same, my ears would have been drawn to the middle of the two tweeters which is no bad thing but as the MB quarts are a clearer tweeter the treble is focused up top where I want it.

    I've a set of Phoenix Gold Ti elite 6's that originally retailed for £800. I could use these woofers but I need an amp to get the best from them being 300w RMS each. The Focals I found to work great right off the head unit and give me great mid-range and surprisingly deep bass while the MB Quarts give me the clarity I'm after without ever sounding harsh or tinny.

    I found that the original tweeters really let the car down especially with guitar music so that would be where I'd start first. I do like my Bowers & Wilkins home set up so I always end up comparing music to that. Other people may prefer other brands that are softer etc. They key is to know what sound your ears like and get the speakers that suit them. The best way would be to take some of your favorite tracks to a shop that has speaker sound boards and compare them.

    don't worry about having a tweeter in the door as long as you have a better tweeter up top :Thumbup: You can always disconnect the tweeter if it was a problem:Thumbup:
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    Belgium Aalst
    Yeah, I'm fully aware of that. And that's the only reason why I didn't buy them. Still have to see the first good sounding speaker system of a bit renomated brand (B&W, Dynaudio, Monitor Audio,...) that mounts a tweeter in the middle of a woofer and than mounts a second tweeter above... Right, they don't make them. I only know of KEF that mounts its tweeters in the middle of their woofers, but obviously they don't mount a second one of top of that. The reason for them to do so is to create the 'one point' source of the music.
    I would be happy with an upgrade consisting of tweeter and woofer.
    I have the same opinion as you concerning the original sound system. I also always compare with the high quality set at home and it's not even near. As well the woofers as the tweeters can use a bit of upgrade.
  19. Racy Jace Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    I agree with you about the tweeters. If I had any other tweeters than the MB Quarts I would have unplugged the ones in the doors completely but they have been turned right down so don't give me any problems.

    If all you need is a good quality components the only ones I've heard and can recommend are the older Focal and MB Quarts. I've listened to some Genesis and some decent pioneer that were good but not what I was after. I've read that CDT and Rainbow do some decent stuff but never listened to them. Mb Quarts may not have much bass compared to other brands but were good SQ speaker. Not sure how there new range compares.

    I listened to a set of these top Focals and they were really good. It was on a focal sound board with the different ranges. Obviously the more expensive ones made all the others sound rubbish. The retailer could have set it up that way though.Focal 165KRX2 K2 Power 17cm Component Car Speakers | eBay

    These Diamond audio were £500 a few years back as I nearly bought some. They me be worth a look?DIAMOND AUDIO HEX S600 COMPONENT SPEAKER SET - 150 WATTS RMS | eBay
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    Belgium Aalst
    Did some research and found a Focal - Pioneer dealer near to my location. I will have a look/listen over there.
    Both of those brands seem to have 'high'-er level one-way woofers + tweeters. As said, I'm not looking to for real hi-FI reproduction in my car, just a descent upgrade from the standard speakers.