Car stolen at knife point

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    A chilling story. At least the lad wasn't physically harmed.

    A warning for us all.
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    what a horrible story, some people are so low!
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    Workmate had his Mercedes stolen same way last weekend in Kings Norton and women was stabbed in Brum and her BMW was taken.

    Also saw on Facebook today somebody had his EP3 taken today on test drive in London .
    They pulled knife on him and took his car.

    Be careful people and watch around when you are getting in and out of the car.

    I have baseball bat in mine now and will break scumbags legs If i have to.
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    Absolute scum!

    Carrying a knife can carry a five year sentence, not sure what sort of sentence it is for stealing a car and there were talks of armed robbers facing up to 12 years for robbery with a gun or knife.

    Add that up and if they are convicted they should be looking at a custodial sentence of about 17 years if I was the judge, whats the betting they get less than 4 years and probably out after 2-3 for good behaviour!

    Hopefully they are caught as they shouldn't be able to shift a car like an Integra DC2 as they are becoming quite rare.
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    This was the car stolen:


    Just incase any members here or see anything:

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    If you ever get pulled just say its for sport purposes, say self-defence or something similar and you're nicked.
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    Oh I am aware of that that but wouldn't be without one now tbh.
    Got some other sports bits and bobs in the boot as well just as an excuse for the boys in blue.
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    It won't make the slightest bit of difference. You have an offensive weapon within easy reach without legal excuse. You would still be coming in. Any sport equipment which could be offensive needs to be out of reach of any occupant travelling in the car.
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    I understand @Nighthawk and I am not saying it's right but the way things are I am willing to risk it.
    By the way I am not saying anybody should do this and I am doing it at my own risk and it's in the boot so out of reach.
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    Just stick a tow hitch on the car and carry one of these handy tyre pressure testers. or possibly some new driving gloves SAP Gloves
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    I have used and worked on my son-in-laws Type-R a drove it a few times (like sitting on a souped-up skateboard ) and I wouldn't stop anyone stealing it :Happy:
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    That DC2 Teg will be long gone now, probably in Poland or somewhere.

    IMO you should always take someone else with you when you buy a car and when you sell a car, and ask for their driving licences and insurance documents for any test drive.

    I remember the Polo my sister had when I sold it, three yutes came along to view it, I viewed it to them on my own and even let the buyer get in the car and test the clutch out on his own, didn't really think much of it and because it was in my area I wasn't too bothered, but in hindsight was a silly thing to do because they could have been thieves, they were actually nice genuine chaps, but won't be doing that in the future, especially with cases like the one in here!