Engine & Gearbox Car will not start - Honda unable to diagnose untill Exhaust Manifold replaced

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    I have a few questions I would appreciate some advice on.

    I have a Honda Accord Diesel 2004 with about 125k mileage. My car suffers from the cracked manifold (that I just missed the recall) but has not previously been an issue. Driving down a road at 50mph my car stalled and would not start again. AA was unable to fix and had to get towed to a Halfords Autocentre. They also could not fix the issue so it was again transported to Honda.

    Today Honda has told me that they believe the issue to be either an EGR valve or a fuel pump failure but they are unable to tell me which until I get a new Manifold fitted. At over £900 before the fix I have the following questions

    Can a hole in a manifold cause a car to stall and not restart?
    On what grounds do Honda need the manifold fixed first before fault finding the fuel pump/EGR valve? Surely they can tell if the fuel pump is faulty!!

    I am very confused so any advice would be appreciated. Like everyone I am not too well off and don’t want to be taken for a ride.

    Any questions please let me know and I will go into more detail

    Thanks in advance
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    Your car wants to go on diagnostic machine first dude. Fuel pump and EGR are both on a closed loop feedback system and will show fault codes. Or a good tech will be able to test the fuel pressure or EGR status with readings from diagnostic. Ask for that first, before they write your car off on bills.
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    seems like you have got a lot going on at once. depends on how bad the crack is on the manifold but generaly no, your car should still idle/run. it could be either fuel pump or EGR. needs diagnosing.