General Carb to EFI Conversion on a D Series - Help please

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    Hello everyone.

    My CR-X currently has the JDM D15b Non-vtec Dual Carb engine. My plan, is to do the Mini-Me D16 Vtec Head Swap. To do this, I also understand that I will have to convert from Carb to EFI because my engine uses a mechanical fuel pump which connects to the head/camshaft, not an electric one. I also want to convert to EFI for future tuning possibilities etc.

    So with this in mind, I was wondering if any of you could list what I would need to be able to convert the Carb system to the EFI system?

    I know the basics of what I'll need, but just any deeper specifics would be great; keeping in mind the mechanical fuel pump etc etc.

    Thanks (y)
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    Mate with due respect to you are you that technically minded to take this challenge or will you be asking someone to do this. Or has someone done this swap ? If not you will spend thousands on the project and your car will end up as a project. There are a few cars in here like that were thousands have been spent and they are still work in projects and can quite easily see a few more thousands being spent. If you like blowing money leave the poor CR-X alone and get a K series Honda and tune it .
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    sorry not in my field of expertise im an old school car ansd carb man
    seen to many of these kind of projects ending up on ebay as unfinished projects
    i don't mean to put a damper on your project but this is not a conversion I've ever come across