Bulletins & Advisories Care Point when Replacing an Oil Filter to Prevent Leaks

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    After removing the old Oil Filter check to make sure that the filter O-ring is not stuck to the engine block. If it is stuck scrape it off thoroughly, and wipe the surface clean. Never install a new oil filter with the old O-ring stuck to the block or the filter could become loose over time.

    petrol oil filter change care.

    A - Old O-RING must be completely removed.
    B - Apply a thin coat of oil.

    Before installing the new Oil Filter remember to inspect and clean the filter's threads and O-Ring surfaces. To keep the new O-ring from shearing when you torque the filter, smear a little engine oil on it first. Make sure you torque the filter to the proper specification, this way you fully compress the filter's O-ring so there will be no leaks.

    Torque specifications is 12NM.