Carmakers manipulate emissions tests

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    Its time the loophole in the diesel emission test were close too

    I have always wondered how German cars where driving their emissions target down whilst maintaining high horsepower where Honda hasn't.:Blink:

    This prove a lot :lol: The Germans have been found red handed with their hands in the cookie jar.. and it doesn't surprise me one bit..

    BBC News - 'Carmakers manipulate emissions tests'
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    That explains a lot ! But why hasn't been spotted earlier than it has ?
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    Hey guys,
    I believe you misunderstood the article. How do you link cheating with emission tests with German car manufacturers?

    The graph shows the gap for the real life CO2 emission in Germany, compared to the official CO2 test data.
    That official data includes every single car from every manufacturer, no? The only German part in it is the real life CO2 emission in Germany.

    By the way, I use partially the same 'tricks' in real life: switching off every unnecessary electric consumer including airco, making the car as aerodynamical as possible (partial grill block when ambient temp allows), tyre pressure slightly above recommendations (0,1 to 0,2 bar),... and with result. I'm with all my cars spot on OR lower in fuel consumption than official numbers.

    Another remark: did anybody at the BBC bothered searching for other reasons why the real life fuel consumption gap gets bigger and bigger in Germany? You can't create such a growing gap with taping of a body panel crack. Some criticism is at its place if your info comes from a 'pressure group'.
    Possible other reasons can be: shorter drivecycles, more traffic jams (!), more drivecycles in town (more people moved to towns?), more highways with no speed limit opened, people do not drive (hybrid) cars in the correct way... you know what I mean.
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    @i-DSI you still believe the holier than thou German engineering can do any wrong!
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