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    Good morning. I was listening to some CD's in my car and everything was working fine. When I got back in the car the CD player was acting weird and it sounded like it was constantly trying to put some CD's in, I have a 6 CD magazine btw. I think the magazine is broken :Unknown:

    Now the screen shows no CD's and it says CD ERR on the screen, also whenever I start the car the magazine starts trying to put a CD in.

    Have any of you had the same problem?

    Just to clarify this is just a standard OEM radio with a 6 CD magazine, no DVD and no navigation.

    Hope you understand this, spelling and grammar isn't always perfect...:Wink:
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    Hi Sibzter, knowt wrong with with grammar there mate, it's probably better than my own LOL.

    I assume the magazine is built into the head unit, correct ?

    Have you tried the eject button, do any CDs come out. If they do then take them all out and the reinsert one by one, testing that each one works ok.

    If they won't come out can you see if there is one that is partly sticking out of the front slot, if it is try and grab it with something, tweezers or think long nose pliers and try and take it out. It could this top on is part stuck in there.

    If you can't do any of the above then I think you are stuck and you will need to get it to a shop that repairs car audio equipment.
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    The magazine is built into the head unit yes but I can't eject any CD's the screen doesn't show any CD's available. I don't know exactly what you mean by "sticking out", all of the CD's are stuck inside and none are showing.

    This is really starting to look like I need to have looked at...