Electrical & Lights CD Jammed, Removal of Stereo/sat nav head unit

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    CD is jammed in 6 disc play so I assume the unit has to be removed. Can anyone give me some advise on removal of the stereo/sat nav head unit. I have purchased some plastic wedge tools but not sure where to start.
    Also does anybody know if the 7th Generation stereo/sat nav unit require a code. Had a look around the car for it in glove box etc, no sign of any code.

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    Hi Mark and welcome to the forum. you have to constantly hold and release the eject button for it to play ball or try shifting the disc by going up and down it may pop the misaligned cd back into place. Then eject all CD's.

    if you have to remove the unit have a look for xcarlink DIY threads you will find the procedure. The ICE has no code so you don't have to worry about it
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    Thanks for your post.
    Im getting an "err" message on the dash display above the header unit. The ICE is totally unresponsive in the CD/AUX mode.
    Looks like I will need to take it apart, which i'm dreading in a way. I would imagine dealer would charge £100-200 for this, but will give it a go.
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    Mark, try what CJ (IchibanAccord) suggested (going up and down through CDs and constantly holding and eject button).

    If you really need to remove the head unit the guide is here http://hondakarma.com/threads/554/

    Although I'm not too sure what will need to be done once you have the unit out.
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    Thanks for the link showing dismantling the mid dash, this is a big help!
    I have tried going through the discs but its totally unresponsive in the CD mode. Its just displays "ERR". The only thing I can think of is to remove the 6 disc player, dismantle, and remove the jammed disc manually.

    Just waiting on the prying tool being delivered.

    Thanks for your help guys.