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    I have briefly asked this before in another thread, but perhaps someone who dug around their non sat nav Accord stereo could help me answer some questions.

    For no particular reason I am wondering whether I can install a sat nav Accord's center dash part (which contains info display) into my non nav Accord with just a factory stereo. It can fit, but the question is whether there is a lead below the center dash on a non nav Accord which can be plugged into upgraded dash with the info display? It most likely should come from the stereo itself, but I am just guessing around. Would be great to know for sure so I can stop worrying about it, but I'd like to make an upgrade like that even though technically it doesn't add much difference at all. (I explained before I have a faded center dash, thus I am looking to replace the panel, so figured maybe I could fit display one, hence I am curious if it would work) Replies would be appreciated, thanks!

    EDIT: Attached images of what I am talking about.

    1. Shows what my intentions are.
    2. Shows which connector plugs into the display...which I need to know whether it's laying about it possible to connect it with the stereo and back to display?

    $_57 (2).JPG $_57 (3).JPG
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    I think the display info runs off all the gubbins behind the Sat Nav screen.

    So you would have to do the complete Sat Nav install. There is a thread on here about retro fitting the Sat Nav but be warned it's neither easy nor cheap to do.
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    I think this was the thread/post I was thinking of System cannot define vehicle position (ICE & HFT - )
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    I do not want to do that...thats my point, but no biggie then I will have to get regular replacement. Thanks