Electrical & Lights Central Locking Transponder fault?

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    Hello all. I've just bought a 2000 1.8 SE hatchback with 120,000 one the clock. Managed to practically steal it at £400 with a year's MOT, two new front tyres, serviced in August and a new battery. It's had two owners and the last one was an old bloke who had it for the past 10 years. Anyway the only thing wrong with it is that the central locking transponder in the car has gone. The fob apparently works fine (All tested by a Honda Garage) but the car itself won't receive a signal. I'm fairly mechanically minded and usually do my own work on my cars so I'm wondering how much of an easy fix this would be? I couldn't find any second hand parts looking on eBay so is there anywhere else I should look, or has the transponder got a different name?
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    The part you are looking for is called a keyless entry module so you'd need something like this OMRON RELAY G8D-458H-B Unit Assy Keyless HONDA ACCORD 1998-2002 | eBay

    It will then need to be programmed for your keyfobs. I think this is done through combination of ignition key on off, there's probably a documented procedure here on AOC.
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    Ahh that's fantastic. At least I know what I'm looking for now. Thanks very much! :OTT:
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    This worked for me, just important that the 'G8D' number matches up, or they won't talk to each other...

    How To: Program a new remote Honda key fob.

    To program:

    Close doors, hood, trunk.
    1. Ignition ON.
    2. Within 1-4 secs. push lock or unlock
    3. Within 1-4 secs, turn OFF ignition.
    4. Within 1-4 secs, turn ON ign.
    5. Within 1-4 secs, repeat (2.)
    6. Within 1-4 secs, turn OFF ign.
    7. Within 4 secs, turn ON ign.
    8. Within 1-4 secs, repeat (2.)
    9. Within 1-4 secs, turn OFF ign.
    10. Within 4 secs, turn ON ign.
    11. Within 1-4 secs, repeat (2.)
    12. Confirm that you hear the door lock actuators. Within 1-4 secs, push the transmitter lock or unlock button again. The keyless receiver is now in the program mode. You must push the transmitter lock or unlock button of the first transmitter again to program that remote.
    13. Within 10 secs, aim the transmitters (up to three) whose codes you want to store at the receiver, and press the transmitter lock or unlock buttons. Confirm that you can hear the sound of the door lock actuators after each transmitter code is stored.
    14. Turn ign. OFF, and pull out the key.
    15. Confirm the operation of the new codes.

    Here are the official Honda directions:

    Have all remotes for the vehicle on hand.
    Make sure all the doors and rear hatch/trunk are closed during programming.
    Only need to use 1 remote to get into program mode but all remotes must be programmed during the same session.
    Each step must be completed within 5 seconds.
    1. Sit in the car with all doors/trunk tightly closed
    2. Turn the key to the ON position, marked by “II” on the ignition bezel so the dash lights come on, then within 5 seconds press the “Lock” button on the remote for 1 second or so and release the button.
    3. Turn the key to the OFF position, marked by “I” on the ignition bezel – dash lights go off.
    4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 three more times (A total of 4 times) – each step must be done within 5 seconds of the previous step.
    5. Upon the 4th turning of the key to “ON”, press the lock button on one remote, the locks will make a cycling sound (clunk), locks will NOT lock or unlock at this point, they will just make a noise. The system is now in programming mode. Do not turn key off.
    6. Within 5 seconds of entering programming mode and within 5 seconds of each other, press the lock button ON EACH remote you are programming, for a second or so and release. This step needs to be completed within 10 seconds. Each time a remote button is pushed, the locks should cycle. Up to 3 remotes can be programmed.
    7. Turn ignition completely off and remove the key. Step out of car and close door. The remotes should be programmed and should work. If you have a trunk/hatch release, the button for this feature needs to be held for a few seconds before the trunk/hatch will “pop”.

    key to on, hit lock. key to off, then back to on and hit lock, key back to off, then back to on, then back to off and back to on one last time.
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    That's great thanks. I wanted to try and pair it up before buying a new transponder anyway. You never know I might get lucky and just have it needing to be reprogrammed!
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