Accord/6th Gen CG2 - North West

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    Hi all!
    My name's Hassan, I have just recently bought an Accord Coupe. Having had many previous Honda's mostly Civics, I thought maybe it's time to grow up a bit & get something abit more... well, elegant. The Accord is a dream to drive & really stands out as it's the Coupe. Love the smooth V6, easily cruises to the tone of 24-26mpg round town & purrs on the Motorway returning 36-40mpg! Very nice considering the displacement & it being over 12 years old! Being an Auto it lacks versatility but the bells & whistles make up for that haha! Would love to meet up with fellow CG2 owners in the North West as there aren't many around, especially the V6. No thoughts on any modifications yet as it's beautiful as is, probably a new set of alloys & that's it! Will put up more pics when it's been cleaned.
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    England CJ Leeds
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    United Kingdom Leo Northants
    Welcome to the AOC, big fan here of the older Accord Coupes :Hey:

    Nice catch with the V6!
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    Thanks guys :Grin:
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    I`m from Preston and picked my V6 Coupe up on Bank Holiday Monday,it`s a 1999 and only done 64k :Thumbup: View attachment 9827