Challenging 2013 Motocross Campaign for Honda

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    Despite the utmost planning, the 2013 MX Nationals season has not gone to plan for the Carlton Dry Honda Racing team with several star riders bowing out of the competition due to injury.
    In what was shaping up to be an excellent season, Honda and the Carlton Dry Honda Racing team were thrilled to announce a rider line-up consisting of international champion Ben Townley, 2012 MX2 champion Ford Dale and up and coming rider Josh Cachia.
    In March Ben Townley announced his retirement from full time racing. After a stellar 12 year international career, Townley explained that his health and family were the major factors.
    May saw the 2012 MX2 champion Ford Dale forced to withdraw due to a knee injury sustained while contesting Superpole at Broadford. The injury led to reconstructive surgery on his left knee.
    In another devastating blow for the Carlton Dry Honda Racing team, the weekendâ