HVAC Change your Pollen filter before the winter

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    Hi guys and girls,

    Strongly recommend changing your Pollen filter before the winter, so you don't steam up.

    Mine had gone 2 years and was black with diesel smoke and full of tree seeds, must have been restricting the fan out put massively.

    Really easy job, open the glovebox, gently pull the shelf backwards to remove, unclip the access flap, then unclip the filter and slide out.

    Honda want £25 for one, but you can get quality german Mann filters on ebay £12.


    Mann+Hummel Cabin Pollen Filter New Genuine Service Part Car Direct Replacement | eBay
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    I've got it replaced by dealer's warranty a month ago :Smile: But thanks a lot for a detailed info of DIY! Will be usefull in a future.
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    Just bought and fitted one from the supplier above.

    Made the world of difference its like night and day so much more air in it now.
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