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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I've got a 2.0 7th Generation Accord and I'm thinking about changing the radiator, but never done anything like this at all. I'm not the brightest guy at tinkering with my car or doing things but wanted to try and give this a go. Is there anyone that can give me some pointers/tips and if you've done this yourselves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    It's fairly straight forward

    1. Drain the engine coolant.

    2. Remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator.

    3. A/T model: Remove the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) cooler hoses.

    4. Remove the upper radiator hose and lower radiator hose from the radiator.

    5. Disconnect the fan motor connectors and radiator fan switch connector.

    6. Remove the upper bracket cushions, then pull up the radiator.

    7. Remove the fan shroud assemblies and other parts from the radiator.

    8. Install the radiator in the reverse order of removal. Make sure the upper and lower cushions are set securely.

    9. Fill the radiator with engine coolant and bleed the air.

    Screenshot 2015-04-19 21.47.23.
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    As @SpeedyGee says, its not a hard job changing a car radiator, just take your time and do it slow. Watch the coolant as if its dirty/rusty, it could stain when you drain it, and obviously, don't do it when its hot.

    I would also clean out the reserviour. Flush out the new radiator before installing it with a hose pipe in case there are any remnants of metal from the manufacturing process. Literally just stick a hosepipe in the end and run water through it for a minute or two.

    Bleeding a radiator is straight forward too - if you can wait a few weeks, I will be doing a coolant flush on the Civic which the basic principles are the same and will stick a DIY up.

    I havent changed a radiator on an Accord, but have changed quite a few on other cars, the last one on a friends Audi
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    Guys this is great, thanks for the feedback. I will be purchasing the parts book to see exactly how to do this too. As I say a first time for me doing anything like this but want to start as it will give me the knowledge I need and save me the cost of a mechanic to do it ha. Once again thanks guys it's very much appreciated. Not doing it just yet but will keep updated.