Suspension, Steering and Brakes Changing rear suspension upper control arms

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    Rear suspension arms aren’t that difficult once u get the hang of what you need to do. Took me a while to do one side and then the otherside was done in a couple of hours.
    So, procedure is, safely jack rear of the car up, and remove rear wheel. Best is to do one side then go for the other, as if the car is needed in case of an emergency, u don’t have to jack both sides down.
    Now what I did was, cleaned all bolts with a wire brush first, as they had tons of muck on them. And then sprayed them with wd-40.
    Red circles show the 12mm bolts that will need removing. The big orange arrow is where another bolt is behind brake fluid pipe, that needs removing as well.
    Below pic shows this that 10mm bolt behind brake pipe, so, just remove this bolt and unplug the sensor, this will make it easier to remove the through bolt of the arm at the back.
    Unclip the sensor wire where it's attached to the wheel hub, carefull as it broke very easily, and i ended up putting it back with a tie wrap.
    Now take the cotter pin out, it was easy to take out, but you'll need a flat head screwdriver to pry the bendy bit away from screw and then just simply pull it out. Below is how it looks like.
    Now, start undoing the ball joint bolt, it'll need a lot of man power for the very first turn, and the comes of fairly easily, this bolt is the same size as you wheel lug nuts, so i used the same spanner.
    Once done, spray some wd-40 in where the ball joint is going into the wheel hub and start banging it slightly with a hammer from sides and the bolt stud underneath and the stud will come out.
    I just placed a jack underneath the wheel hub for support when the bolt comes out.
    After this, start undoing the back bolt, this will take some effort, but again, just one turn and off you go. This bolt is a 14mm bolt.
    Once the back bolt is out, just pull the control arm out, put the new one in, in reverse order and boom, you're done.
    Now go in and relax for a few mins and go to the nearest tursty agarge to have ur a car 4 wheel alignment. and that's all really.
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